Memeries . . . (Part 2)

In my last post, I responded to one meme with which my dear wife tagged me some time ago. The time has now come to respond to another with which she tagged me last week, “Five Things I Dig about Jesus.” Without much further ado, here they are:

1. The guy wasn’t much for convention, tradition or ceremony, and He didn’t think too highly of people who held themselves up as the spiritual authorities of their day. Neither do I, so I dig that.

2. He actually cared, truly cared, about people – in a way most folks only pretend to. And because he cared, he actually bothered to understand them, rather than merely passing judgment. He dealt with people individually, as people, rather than according to a strict set of rules. I dislike thinking in categories and boxes, and I especially dislike it when people put other people in categories and boxes and then think they know them. So I dig that.

3. He was radically unconventional. When none of the worldviews of the day captured the essence of what He knew to be true, He created a new one. Since it’s been a longstanding, deep-seated dream of mine to create a new and unique branch of philosophy (Christian Libertarianism? Optimistic Existentialism? Theistic Objectivism?* . . . something of that sort. . . . ) I dig that.

4. He put a lot more stock in intentions and motivations than He did in actual behaviors. Since I think what we do matters a heckuva lot less than why we do it, I dig that.

5. He wasn’t afraid to mix with “the wrong sort,” and he didn’t mind telling somebody to “go to hell” when the conversation called for it. Since I like a lot of people who are supposedly “the wrong sort,” and since I think a lot of “the right sort” need to be told to go to hell a lot more often, I dig that.

And now, once again, it is incumbent upon me to tag another five people with this meme. I hearby tag . . .

1. Leeann Walker – Because I wanted to tag her on the other meme, and couldn’t, because I was tardy in posting it and Kelly beat me to it.

2. Stephanie Dosch – Because Heidi didn’t tag her on this one, I get to.

3. Mike Woods – Because I tagged his wife on the other meme, and didn’t want him to feel left out.

4. Mr. Nobody’s Understudy – Because she always has very interesting thoughts on Jesus and I’d like to hear more of them.

5. Luke White – Because he always has very interesting thoughts on pretty much anything.


* Note: I realize all three of these terms might seem to be oxymorons, but since I’m somewhat of a paradox myself, I’m�OK with that.

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  1. I finally got to respond to your tag – check it out on the blog. Thanks for poking me! 🙂

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